About us!

We specialize in research in complex and dynamic environments to enhance inclusivity and impact. Our approach rests on a deep acknowledgment of the indispensable role of local expertise and resources in program design and delivery. Collaborating closely with people, we utilise methodologies and frameworks for co-design, critical reflection, and accountability, fostering interconnected networks of stakeholders. We work from the ground up to connect program objectives and aims to local capabilities and perceptions of goals and outcomes..


Our methodology places a premium on soliciting beneficiary input and harnessing local knowledge for implementation. Tangible outcomes of our efforts include the development of participatory and accountable decision-making frameworks, bespoke M&E programs, and heightened stakeholder engagement. Through these outcomes, we strive to enhance the effectiveness, sustainability, and alignment of aid programs with the genuine needs and priorities of the communities they serve.

Our mission

To work with clients to reframe problems and reimagine problem-solving by questioning common assumptions, exploring diverse perspectives, and actively driving positive social change through cultural and behavioral insights.


SERVICES we offer:

  • Research led strategy
  • Participatory program design
  • Transdiscplinary research
  • Multi stakeholder consultation
  • Collaborative evaluation